Simplicity in Santorini, Greece.


Santorini, first named “Kalliste” meaning ‘most beautiful’, and I believe it is. You might enjoy it more at its warmest; in June through to September, especially if you’ll want to see some of its beaches. Santorini also has a collection of churches and historical ruins to look at. The whole island could be considered historical ruins, as it is built on top of the remains of the volcano that erupted on the island in the late Bronze Age (A long time ago!) It was one of the worst in the world.

I’ll start by telling you my personal favourite thing to do while at Santorini, the hot springs! You can have a tour of a volcano, which is very impressive, although it’s still active and a little bit scary, it will release fumes every so often. After this, you have a relaxing swim in the hot springs. The sulphur in the water helps with healing rheumatisms and arthritis; it’s also really great for your skin.

Oia also has to be mentioned; watching the sun setting there is a really unforgettable experience, it leaves a beautiful orange glow over the whole town. There’s other things to do here too, like wandering round the shops, castle ruins, and Amoudi bay (Which has some great seafood, try the fried calamari.) Getting to Oia is no problem; public transport will get you there from most places in Santorini. Driving is pretty unheard of when you get to Oia though; it’s not uncommon to see donkeys taking rubbish away from the town.

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When it comes to beaches, the Red Beach is probably the most famous. (If you go, I’d advise getting some corn and watermelon from the stalls near it.) The views from it are stunning, you can really see why it is so famous, but its fame also comes with the price of a big crowd. A less crowded beach is Vylchada beach. There’s very little shade there, but umbrellas are provided for you, and the scenery is just as impressive as the red beach, just a little more unique, as strange rock carvings surround it.

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I can’t talk about Santorini without mentioning wineries. You’d be missing a big part of the island if you didn’t walk through a vineyard. The wineries on the island make some really good wine, the Assyrtiko being the speciality. Another speciality of Santorini’s, is the Food. The Greek cuisine is amazing! (Also is has plenty of options for vegetarians.) Most of the food is cooked in olive oil, often with cherry tomatoes, one of the foods the island is famous for (Try the tomato fritters at Dimitris.) The volcanic soil that the food is grown from makes all the food taste so unique, and really like nothing you’d taste anywhere else.


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